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    Four million unbanked Filipinos are seen to benefit from the nascent credit scoring industry, a development that is seen to provide those at the bottom of the economy an easy access to credit once the service is available to the public. Marlo R. Cruz, President and Chief Executive Officer of ...

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  • ABS-CBN News | 2 October 2017

    MANILA - More than a measure of a person's ability to pay debt, a good credit score can be used to negotiate one's way to better deals, a credit information provider said. Knowing one's worth based on how he or she has honored financial obligations such as bills and loan payments makes consumers more confident when...

  • CIBI Information, Inc. | 05 October 2017

    Knowing your credit scores and understanding the details on your credit history will become impactful in your financial well being. Near-ready institutions such as banks, microfinance, lending companies, cooperatives, insurance and even utility companies recognized the value of an individual credit score and...

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