No way to go but ‘digital’: CIBI harnesses the use of digital platforms to promote faster and ease of transaction among it’s clients and partners

As faceless interactions become the new trend in most business transactions, managing business impact during the COVID-19 crisis through the setting of new strategies is vital in effectively increasing the chances of closing accounts and continuing the growth of the business. CIBI recognizes the need to strengthen the use of available digital channels and platforms in its daily transactions. Ever since the pandemic hit the country, CIBI has been continuously innovating and working on making it’s services available online. CIBI promotes the use of digital platforms for hassle-free and faster account acquisition during this crisis to help not just the internal operations team but to also offer convenience and accessible options to its clients.

Through its Online Ordering platform, clients can send and track their endorsements online. Now, CIBI is in the process of finalizing its Financial Score model and soon the availability of a Business Registry platform where clients can automatically download past reports they need for assessment and evaluation.

Rethinking the ways to engage and acquire clients has been a problem for some companies nowadays. But CIBI did not stop and saw the opportunity to bring light in the situation by maximizing the use of technology through heightened support in integration between businesses.

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