Into the A sort of Homecoming, Sheidheda awakens secured to help you a seat towards Bardo and installed in order to an enthusiastic IV trickle

Into the A sort of Homecoming, Sheidheda awakens secured to help you a seat towards Bardo and installed in order to an enthusiastic IV trickle

Wear Disciple armour and cloaked, Sheidheda is provided regarding the Anomaly regarding the 2nd Dawn Bunker into the Earth

Regarding his updates tied, Sheidheda observe the new confrontation ranging from Clarke and you may family members as well as the Disciples that finishes towards the Fire permanantly forgotten and more than everyone else making to help you save yourself their friends. Prior to Clarke can hop out from the Anomaly, the fresh new Dark Commander weakly tells Bellamy that he can help Bellamy in the event that Bellamy assists your. Sheidheda sends Bellamy so you can Madi’s sketchbook into the his throne with Madi’s pictures of your memories she’s got come experiencing regarding almost every other Commanders.

Before he can, Gabriel address this new Dark Frontrunner from Madi and you may orders their to obtain assistance from Indra

Cadgoan, experiencing Madi’s sketchbook, comments that the Dark Leader try lucky that the Disciples put him to Bardo otherwise Sheidheda could well be lifeless. Cadgoan requires regarding the Madi’s drawings and you may Sheidheda acknowledges you to while he failed to mark her or him, the guy knows whom performed. In the event Cadogan can also be search through new Ebony Commander’s memories, the guy requires what the guy desires rather. Sheidheda wants ensures that Sanctum is their, they are able to destroy the new Brick and the Disciples can’t ever become right back. Cadogan states the Anomaly Stones was durable, however, they can has Sanctum.

Cadogan second thoughts that the Dark Chief recognizes precisely what the paintings suggest, however, he understands that it indicates that someone has actually memories maybe not their unique, recollections one to Cadogan needs first off the very last Battle, a war you to definitely Sheidheda wants no section of. Cadgoan says that Sheidheda will be a part of they whether he really wants to or not as if it winnings, they have a tendency to transcend past their mortal models. However, the fresh Dark Chief has their the fresh human anatomy and you will Cadogan says to him he have a tendency to transcend even when he suits the battle. Sheidheda asks if they have a deal, however, Cadogan calls your a trick, advising the latest Black Leader that if they reduce, it won’t count in the event the the guy matches or not or hence entire world they are on the because most of the peoples commonly perish. Sheidheda demonstrates that Madi has the memory and you may Cadogan understands that Bellamy realized which is actually why Clarke slain him.

Sheidheda alerts one to Clarke cannot help Cadogan just take the woman boy and that Cadogan’s strike team could get the kid murdered. Sheidheda signifies that Cadogan publish your alternatively, saying that however need no part of the challenge ahead of he would know what was at risk: “transcend otherwise perish.” The Black Leader has been around Madi’s head and you will feels one to he understands this lady a lot better than Madi knows herself because the strike party won’t learn Madi anyway. Sheidheda promises to score Madi back, however kinkyads reddit their bargain must still-stand upcoming. Cadogan launches new Black Chief within the contract and you will sales him removed towards the Anomaly.

Even when faced with Indra, Gaia and Octavia exactly who can not discover him, the Black Commander chooses not to ever assault and instead to adhere to Octavia immediately after which Octavia and you will Clarke and discover Madi. Immediately after following the one or two to help you where Guarantee, Jordan, Murphy and you can Emori are attained within the a beneficial worshop, Sheidheda learns one to Madi is in the rec space. Delighted, the guy shoves Octavia on the workshop and you may tresses the group during the.

Because the Madi and Gabriel play the piano regarding rec room, Sheidheda stabs Gabriel from as well as face Madi. Blocking Madi’s eliminate courtesy a vent, Sheidheda shows themselves, informing their you to this woman is the secret to the newest transcendence of your own human race and that he’s already been provided for promote the woman straight back regardless of if Sheidheda desires to rule, to not transcend. The fresh new Dark Chief shows nanotracking pills he is able to used to offer her straight back soundly, or a knife so you can stab the girl having to take the woman straight back because of the force when the she declines. Drawing their suit’s blade rather, Sheidheda claims that he would rather gut Madi such an excellent pig instead. Sheidheda stabs Gabriel a few times before leaving your in order to pass away and you can chasing after Madi.


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