Migration allows ladies to each other avoid early relationships and you can get ready for marriage

Migration allows ladies to each other avoid early relationships and you can get ready for marriage


A total of 255 someone participated in qualitative data collection also adolescent people and moms and dads away from adolescent lady. It integrated 99 females (ages several–19) on FGDs, 17 partnered female (age 16–19) throughout the IDIs, twenty-four unmarried female (many years 12–19) from the IDIs, 52 fathers into the FGDs, and 63 mothers during the FGDs. I used independent attract communities having mothers and fathers you to ranged in size out-of half dozen so you’re able to 10 players. Adolescent woman appeal groups ranged in dimensions off six so you can nine professionals. Dining tables step three and you may cuatro provide considerably more details regarding take to incorporated on the look. If you are migrant standing appeared when you look at the interview and you can FGDs, we don’t collect information on migrant condition at the time of data range and you can amassed alot more general market recommendations. Where available, we report migration status to own find quotationspared to the standard studies, the new qualitative test out-of teenage women was a while older with the mediocre (indicate away from sixteen.8 inside Sikasso and you will 16.7 decades for the Segou, in contrast to mean ages of fifteen.step 1 decades when you look at the Sikasso and you can 15.three-years in the Segou at the standard). Such differences was due, simply, to the gang of females centered on relationship condition, with more (some more mature) hitched girls included in the qualitative research in contrast to the latest baseline investigation.

Specific answers, including the one lower than out of an interested girl in reaction to help you a question about migration’s you are able to affect wedding, suggested you to migration off the town is actually physically regarding matrimony and you may considered a substitute for very early wedding:

Through providing a chance for women to help you “hide-out”, migration are thought of by adolescent lady getting important towards postponing wedding. This perception was echoed from the moms and dads, thanks to illustrative phrases instance “girls refrain commit the town appear to to eliminate relationships” (Interest class, moms and dads, Sikasso), even though having smaller volume than one of adolescent girls on their own. But not, since revealed throughout the pursuing the price out-of an interest how to remove tinder shadowban group with fathers, marriage delays could be an indirect and you will unintended results of migration, leading to later relationships for women that has migrated than the those who had lived-in the brand new village. That it perception appeared much more one of people than just teens however, grew up into the young and you will older organizations alike.

Yes, definitely migration affects [relationship timing]. If the a female is actually involved and she migrates, you who happen to be their dad, you can not bring this lady to this lady partner because she is not as well as certain ladies have left two years, someone else actually 36 months just before returning. So the moment when she is marry entry.

Furthermore, participants stated that labor migration is actually usually myself driven from the girls’ desire to build their trousseau. In the IDIs that have teenage girls and you will FGDs which have adolescent lady and you can moms and dads equivalent, the will to build an excellent trousseau was regarded as a goal and you will purpose of migration which is inextricably related to wedding. Participants reported an effective women’s should look beyond the lady town getting expanded economic ventures, since revealed regarding the offer below out of a currently hitched, came back migrant lady:

Building on before browse demonstrating you to definitely teenage women have a tendency to migrate prior to marrying, this research worried about new influence regarding migration because a significant section of this new public context on the matrimony time and you may strategies

Here [throughout the village] discover not too many monetary products aside from purchasing/selling, and even that is not usually a good markets. Just like the buyers don’t possess anything, it is not easy so you can trade otherwise offer. We have financial dilemmas which is what is causing us to leave to the larger metropolises.

For almost all respondents, the idea of a lady making money to build good trousseau are an alternative, but also for of several, it was an economic criteria, as revealed from the pursuing the offer out of a wedded girl just who don’t migrate as the lady father shared with her however disown any of his ladies who migrated:


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