3 ways foodpanda is taking care of its riders


The company has started several partnerships to provide jobs and assist riders with motorcycle loans.

In line with this, foodpanda has been working with its partners to support its riders. Below is their story.

It’s not easy to keep a job.

In 2020, more than 420,000 Filipinos lost their jobs as the pandemic forced businesses all over the country to close.

However, it will not be easy to address this problem. According to the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), joblessness will remain high – at around 7% to 9% – even by 2022.

With this in mind, it has become even more important for large companies and businesses to do everything they can to help their employees keep their jobs.

Over the past year, mobile food delivery marketplace foodpanda Philippines has been working with different partners to help existing riders become more secure in their jobs. The company has also initiated programs to provide jobs for future riders.

Here are 3 partnerships foodpanda launched:

Free bikes with EMC Prado Auto, Inc.

Free bikes with EMC Prado Auto, Inc.


In October 2020, foodpanda teamed up with EMC Prado Auto, Inc. to provide free bikes and job opportunities to work as a foodpanda rider.

“As a cyclist myself, I thought of the most efficient solution to help as much as I could and this is where our bike giving cause started. And with the partnership with foodpanda, we were able to provide brand new bikes and a job for each deserving beneficiary,” said Enrique Prado, President of EMC Prado Auto, Inc.

Collaboration with CIBI for credit reports

Collaboration with CIBI for credit reports


One of the most important work tools for foodpanda riders is their own motorcycle. In partnership with CIBI Information, Inc. – the first and only local credit bureau in the Philippines – the company connects its riders to financial institutions by providing customized credit reports that can help in the fast delivery of loan approval.

These credit reports can be submitted to partner banks and financial institutions in exchange for a motorcycle loan.

“It is high time for them to get a motorcycle upgrade and this partnership will help them secure the best loan option in the market,” said Jao Manahan, Operations Manager for Community and Communications at foodpanda.

Motorcycle loans with Ropali

Motorcycle loans with Ropali


The company welcomed 2021 with a partnership agreement with Ropali Motorcycles that enables riders to finance their motorcycles through a loan.

Through this partnership, riders can own a motorcycle unit by simply submitting an online application. The benefits are as follows:

  1. Online application of motorcycle loan
  2. Monthly rebates
  3. Freebies (helmet and gloves)
  4. Motorcycle insurance
  5. Maintenance services for all motorcycle units purchased by participating drivers

These partnerships exemplify foodpanda’s commitment to make sure their riders are given the tools and help they need to keep their jobs amid the pandemic.

Know anyone who might be interested in applying for a motorcycle loan? Check out foodpanda’s latest partnership with Ropali –

Title: 3 ways foodpanda is taking care of its riders
Published: February 22, 2021
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