CIBI Information, Inc.(CIBI) has been servicing us and has been our financial partner for the past 9 years. We consider their services to have greatly improved in terms of processes and turn-around time of reports submission. We are quickly notified of any concerns regarding our requests proving that customer service is their priority.”

– Chet Gener

Credit Management Group


“SSS is a CIBI subscriber since accreditation of banks to act collecting and paying agents of SSS begun sometime in 1994. Their reports are accurate from registration to smallest details of the bank/company. Prompt response upon request of the business report.”

– Marissa V. Sison

Social Security Officer III Investments Research and Support Dept. (IRSD)

Social Security System

“The reference report we received was exactly what we were looking for. We received it on the 10th working day after submitting which is exactly on the timelines quoted.
The content was good and covered all the areas we wanted to be covered and gave us enough information to form a view on the candidate.”

– Claire Rodham

Implementation Manager


“My deep appreciation for the outstanding customer service we continue to receive from CIBI Team. For the past years we’ve been working with the team and we’ve seen great improvements with regards to their process and on time delivery of reports. Thanks again for the wonderful service that you continuously provide.”

– Expert Global Solution