CIBI ties up with CCAP!

To bridge merchants and consumers, CIBI Information Inc. partnered with the Credit Card Association of the Philippines (CCAP) to strengthen its credit education campaign and increase credit awareness by allowing data subjects to access and retrieve their credit report through the CCAP website.

This will be an eye-opener to all the Filipino consumers who are new to credit and want to avail a credit card. Existing credit cardholders can also cater to this service. It will also allow them to understand their current credit standing. As CIBI commits to its goal of creating valuable insights, the company will guide and assist the consumer in collecting and processing data through an end-to-end solution approach through it’s partnership with CCAP.

During the interview of Mr. Marlo R. Cruz, the President of CIBI, he explained the impact of credit scoring on all the Filipino, “The introduction of a credit score will provide equal opportunity to all Filipinos and is inclusive because even if you have no assets, you can still avail of credits. The unbanked and underserved sector cannot just access credit but access to cheap credit. The advantage is we can throw the whole company to assist any client and organization. Second, we have the heritage for the last 36 years. We know the Filipinos, and we are present nationwide.”

The CIBI team built the CIBI Mobile Application to access your credit score easier. To know more, send us an email: or download the CIBIApp today! You may also visit the CCAP website for more information on their services.

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