Strengthen your lending process with our rich credit data

Key consumer product offerings

Credit scoring solutions

Assess your customer’s creditworthiness through our credit scoring models

Identity &
fraud solutions

Authenticate customer identity through our comprehensive identity & fraud solution suite

eKYC digital

Ensure a quick, seamless and secure digital onboarding experience using the latest AI technology


Leverage our advanced platforms to support all stages of your credit process

Credit scoring solutions

Provide your customers with a seamless and secure digital onboarding journey – powered by the latest AI and machine learning technology.

Bureau credit score

Proprietary credit scoring model co-developed with FICO and built on CIC bureau data targeted towards the banked population

Alternative credit score

Credit score built on alternative data targeted towards unbanked and new-to-credit population

Identity & fraud solutions

Ensure that your organization is safeguarded from fraud and risk.

Leverage our extensive database consisting of the following checks and datapoints:

eKYC digital
onboarding solutions

ID card OCR

Automatically extract information from your customer’s identification cards

Facial comparison

Authenticate customers using the latest biometric and facial recognition technology

Liveness detection

Ensure that the customer is physically present at point of transaction

Database verification

Validate the customer’s identity by cross-checking information with CIBI’s extensive database

Credit management solutions

Loan origination system

Effectively manage your loan process with our LOS which is configurable to your company’s approval process

Debt management system

Properly control the end-to-end process of your debt collection through our comprehensive debt management system

Key business product offerings

Business Entity Check

Comprehensive profile of any business entity that allows you to be confident on every business dealing 

Creditworthiness Assessment

Extensive credit worthiness reports to mitigate bad debt risks

Business entity check

Business identity

Address verification

Financial assessment

Business affiliates

Creditworthiness assessment

Know creditworthiness of your potential customers

Loan exposure

Payment history

Trade check