Report Specialist

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Job Location

BDO Equitable Tower, 8751 Paseo de Roxas, Makati 1226

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Report Specialist

Job Description

  • Report Specialist is responsible for properly overseeing the production of comprehensive and verified reports on job applicants endorsed by clients for pre-employment screening, as well as background checks on individuals for credit or other legitimate client purposes.
  • Report Specialist ensures that data, information, and credentials pertaining to subject-applicants or other subject-individuals have gone through proper gathering, verification, and validation.
  • Report Specialist ensures that client reports on pre-employment screening or other background / character checking performed are accurate, well-edited and well-presented; that such quality reports are received by clients at the agreed turnaround time and completion date, or at set daily quotas.

Job Qualifications

  • Graduate of any 4-year business-related course/degree
  • two (2) years relevant experience in the same capacity preferably from a service-oriented industry
  • Knowledgeable in data/information gathering, verification and matching of data/information, related field work, report writing, and processing of inquiries/ticket processing.
  • Good communication skills
  • High standard of attention to detail
  • Solid commitment to customer
  • Wide reader of current events and social/business personalities; reasonably traveled and familiar with many localities of Metro Manila
  • Good Microsoft Office skills like Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Excel

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