Senior Full Stack Developer

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BDO Equitable Tower, 8751 Paseo de Roxas, Makati 1226

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Senior Full Stack Developer


  • In coordination with the Team, provide technical inputs on the following:
    • System technical design and development strategies to ensure adherence to industry “best practices” and standards;
    • Design and development of the applications, data modelling and specifications related to the system being developed;
    • Formulation of technical design specifications including prototyping
  • Provide inputs the establishments of development standards, deployment, QA, UI and application component design.
  • Implement application design architecture and ensure adherence to application standards and protocols
  • Provide technical guidance, coaching and inputs to other programmers in the approach to program design and ensure proper implementation of coding standards and documentation
  • Develop prototypes and new and/or adjust/enhance/improve existing application modules or components according to agreed requirements/adjustments and set development standards.
  • Test, debug, deploy and document program modules in coordination with the system development team, particularly to the person and/or group of people in charge of quality assurance and database management
  • Perform necessary configurations on development and production environment
  • Perform code review, integration and release/deployment
  • Document and update as necessary the system architecture or components and programs developed.


  1. With at least six (6) year experience as Lead Software Engineer/Web Application Developer using Software Engineering standard and frameworks such as Agile, ISO/IEC 12207, ISO/IEC 15504 and related IEEE Software Engineering standards
  2. Minimum of ten (10) experience years on the following:
    • Web application development using open source and commercial technologies (Java and Java Frameworks such Spring, Hibernate, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, web 2.0, AJAX and AJAX frameworks, Angular framework, React, reporting tools such Jasper, Pentaho, BIRT or similar reporting tools, MySQL/Postgre or related RDBMS, Apache HTTPD, NginX, Wildfly, Apache-Tomcat, JBOSS Application Server or related application server, Sharding/Caching technologies, application Cluster/multi-node setup/configurations, Linux/Ubuntu/Centos/RHEL/Suse, Git or Bitbucket, implementation of encryption and digital certificates including Single Sign-On technologies).
    • Model-view-controller (MVC) and object-oriented development and approach.
    • Systems integration and full application development life cycle in an enterprise wide setting.
    • Database design and implementation using RDBMS technology including commercial database such as MS SQL Server and Oracle RDMBS.
  3. Minimum of 4 experience years on the following:
    • Use of Continues Integration (CI) and Continues Delivery (CD) and processes and tools
    • Development and implementation of software component using microservices architecture and APIs using REST JSON
    • Container/docker environment
    • Installing and configuring application server, gateway server, caching server, micro-services both on development and production environment either using automation services or manual approach
  4. Experience in working with cloud services like AWS
  5. Excellent analytical and presentation skills
  6. Proven leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills

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