myScore can assist the approval decisions of banks and financial institutions for faster and accurate credit adjudication process and to minimize any form of fraud or lending risk.

CIBI myScore
CIBI Local Credit Bureau Value Added Services


Provides intelligence on more than 80% of the working population in the country allowing you to enhance your understanding of counterparties, improve operational efficiency and mitigate the risk of fraud.

Field Verification

CIBI offers NBI Validation, TIN, SSS, and PRC Verification as well as Directorship Checking and Court Case Verification to complete the service.

cibi local credit bureau employee verification reports

Basic Corporate Profile

Informing clients, future partners and the market about a company’s products, services, and current structure through a Basic Corporate Profile will give you a general idea of what a company’s track record and basic financial data related to the company looks.

Full Business Report

From operational details, trade and performance checking, financial highlights up to the credit rating of the company, CIBI’s Full Business Report provides analytics, consumer reports, trends, and global trade reports to help you understand the company’s income statement to assess business growth.

cibi local credit bureau business reports

Supplier/Client Accreditation

Expand the business and boost the company’s growth through CIBI’s Partner Accreditation Solution and System (PASS). CIBI can help companies in facilitating in their accreditation process. It contains detailed industry-specific report solutions for the accreditation of vendors, suppliers, contractors, or sub-contractors.

Pre-Employment Screening Plus Personal Credit Scoring Report

Combined pre-employment screening and individual’s credit report for better candidate assessment now possible with PES+.

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